Biography - Catherine Audy

Raised on the south side of Quebec, Catherine has always been passionate about all sports. Having tried several kinds of sports, she discovered her passion for circus. She started circus at the age of 11 and continues to excel in this art today.
In the beginning of her training, Catherine tried several disciplines, with special skills for aerials and acrobatics. Having integrated into the circus school of Quebec in 2008, she focuses on the straps duo she practices with Alexis Trudel. She then concentrated during her four years of training in three disciplines that are the straps duo, hand to hand, and banquine. Having reached a high technical and artistic level, she left school, graduating in 2012.
Being young and dynamic, Catherine has a passion that pushes her, forever defying her limitations. She already has several shows to credit her, and it is on stage that she can finally flourish!